Whilst property prices have increased over the long-term, you should be aware that property prices can go down as well as up.  Be aware that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.  * Properties have to be reserved with a fully refundable Reservation fee before an internal inspection can take place.

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The Rent To Buy (R2B) system has been used successfully in both the USA and Australia for over 10 years. Now here in the UK, the Rent To Buy scheme is allowing first time buyers and property buyers the ability to obtain properties without needing a deposit or mortgage, today.

If you are finding it difficult buying a home because of your current situation, then this system may just be the right property buying scheme for you.

How does this scheme work?

Sample Property Oldham

Sample Property

The Rent To Buy Scheme For UK Home Buyers

It is for people who:

What will it cost?

One of the best features of this home buying scheme is that regardless of the purchase term (this is usually between 5-12 years) the purchase price is fixed today, so any value increase will belong to you, the buyer.†

As well as allowing the buyer to not only move into a property today, as an added bonus quite often the payments each month can frequently be much cheaper than the actual market rent. Sometimes by as much as several hundred pounds per month (depending on the payment plan)! For a more information, read our FAQs page.

You only pay a one-off Arrangement fee

Every property displays an Arrangement fee (which includes the Reservation fee and standard legal fees) - you simply pay this Reservation fee up-front to secure your chosen property, with the balance of the Arrangement fee paid to the acting solicitor just prior to completion.

This Arrangement Fee is not a deposit, it is purely a fee for the “right to buy” the property at today’s agreed price at the end or during the agreed purchase term. This fee also includes your standard legal costs.

This is why first time home buyers and regular property buyers find this rent to buy scheme so appealing, as they get to…

Rent To Buy Homes Rent To Buy Houses Rent To Own Properties Sample Rent To Buy Property Colne

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Frequently asked questions

What is Rent To Buy?

What we are not

How much will it cost?

I have a poor credit history – can you still help me?

I have a bad credit score - can I still get a R2B property?

Why is it required I get a credit score now?

What if I have a low income or I'm self-employed?

Are actual solicitors used?

How can I make sure the R2B property is a genuine deal?

Can I make any changes or improvements to the property?

Are the properties new build or existing stock?

When Can I view the property?

How is the Agreement fee calculated?

How is the monthly rent calculated?

Does my monthly rent contribute towards my purchase price?

Can the seller decide not to sell me the property?

Will my monthly rent ever increase?

Can the seller change the purchase price during the agreement?

What happens if I cannot pay the rent?

Must I purchase the property at the end of the term?

Do I have to live in the property?

What about maintenance?

Could I make a profit using this scheme?

Can I find my own rent to buy property?

What’s the difference between Shared Ownership and Rent To Buy?

What is the lowest amount I need to get a R2B property?

How do I get started?

Get started NOW - simply fill in the enquiry form above.

We look forward to helping you find your new home.

You can register your property requirement details and then relax with the knowledge that we will be doing our very best to help you find the property that’s right for you.

Our basic service is absolutely free!

So simply register your ideal R2B property details with us right now and let us do the rest in helping you find your ideal property.

Simply for registering, all our subscribers will get our R2B book as a thank you gift.

Due to the specialised nature of this system, properties have to be reserved with a fully refundable Reservation fee* before an internal inspection can take place.

The R2B facility allows any property buyer to move into a property “today” by means of a legally-binding agreement, to buy it in several years’ time at today’s agreed price.

This gives you:

Enough time to save sufficient money for the full deposit when it is time to purchase at the end or during the agreed purchase term

Or when the property has increased in value to allow you to then sell it for a profit †

All without you having to raise a mortgage today!

A letting agency

An estate agency

A financial adviser

A part-rent, part-buy scheme

And is not affiliated with any councils or housing associations.

Save money on rent

Buy a property “today” without needing a mortgage (even with a bad credit rating)

Profit from any increase in the property’s long-term value within the purchase term†

What we are not

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Free Credit Report & Score from checkmyfile®

Aren’t able to raise a big enough deposit

Have a low credit score

Have recently been made bankrupt

Currently in an IVA

Changed address frequently

Recently moved to this country

The R2B process helps anyone who would like to buy their own home but are finding it very difficult to buy a property today and hate the fact that their rent money is just going down the drain. This especially applies to first time home buyers.

The R2B scheme is a simple but specialised facility which locates hard-to-find properties and carefully matches them with suitable buyers.

Unlike letting agents, where they may have a large selection of properties to choose from in their particular area, good properties are much harder to find and therefore tend to go very quickly.

What happens if I cannot pay the rent?

It is essential you make your monthly payments on time. Failure to do so could result in:

Your eviction from the property

Losing your ‘right to purchase’ your R2B property

And losing any potential equity in the property †

If you do experience any financial difficulty during your purchase term, there are other options available:

For instance, in most occasions you may be able to sub-let the property to another tenant (and potentially make a profit)†

Or you may be able to assign your property to another buyer (subject to individual agreements and potentially make a profit) †

What locations are covered?

Properties are available across the whole of the UK, so regardless of where you are looking to get your R2B home, we can help!

Simply register for free to see what R2B properties are currently available in your area.

Sample Property

Sample Property Walsall

Sample Property

Further information on the R2B system

More sample R2B properties